Sesame oil


Sesame oil is extracted from ripe sesame seeds. In the Indian tradition it is considered a valuable oil with innumerable benefits. Several Ayurvedic treatments of chronic ailments like diabetes and headaches use sesame oil in combination with other medicinal spices and herbs.

– It is used in everyday cooking to stir-fry vegetables.
– It is used with powders like Paruppu podi or Idly powder (molagapodi) to make it a paste and serve with Idlis and dosas.
– Sesame oil is considered one of the best massage oils. It is rich in nutrients and provides heat to the body.
– It is used for pujas in certain parts of India.

Health benefits
– Sesame oil is rich in Vitamin K and contains antioxidants, copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, protein and other vital minerals.
– It is absorbed easily through the skin and helps keep joints and bones healthy.
– It is considered beneficial for the skin and provides elasticity.
– It contributes to a high-protein vegetarian diet.
– It promotes digestive and respiratory health.


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