Amp energy drink

The base flavor of AMP is a tart lime flavor, which can be a turn off to lime enthusiasts who like sweet lime flavors. I personally found this flavor to be good, but I was able to taste a bit of sodium when I was drinking this beverage. Its a good flavor that doesn’t dry your mouth out, however the salt in the beverage should not be able to be tasted, which I will say this beverage needs a bit of reformulation taste-wise.

  • -Amount: 10/10

Before the base flavor’s current can design, it came in both a 16 fl. oz. can and a 24 fl. oz. ‘tall boy’ can. Now, it is only available in a 16 fl. oz. can. With this flavor of AMP, one 16 fl. oz. can should satisfy.

  • -Effectiveness: 7/10

I have to say that the base flavor of AMP works pretty well. The energy boost from it kicks in almost immediately, it isn’t too much and lasts four to seven hours, which is better than your average energy drink. You also don’t have a dehabitilitating crash hours after drinking it, which is a plus as well.

  • -Can Design: 9/10

As I mentioned above, the Base Flavor of AMP has had three can redesigns since it was released for shelves. I personally feel the second design, not the current design is the best, but I am not rating the old design. This current design is still nice. It has kind of a 1990’s feel to it, the dot lines that grow remind me of some of the stereo systems of the time that used bars to show balance and other aspects in the music. Combine that with the different shades of green, and it’s accurate BOOST description as that is what it does, and you have an awesome can design. The green can tabs on the can, which can also be utilized for art projects also help make the can moreso distinguishable and standout in the coolers at stores.

  • -Average Price: 10/10

Throughout my travels, I have seen a dyamic price range for these from a slow as $0.99 to as high as $2.29. I can tell you that regardless what you pay in that range, this beverage is worth every penny, though the cheaper you can get it naturally, the better.

  • -Other: N/A

Nothing else special stands out about this energy drink.

  • -Overall Rating: 8.5/10

For a base flavor, Pepsi knows how to make a good energy drink. AMP energy base flavor gives you good energy that lasts without a dehabilitating crash, as well as a good tart lime flavor and an awesome can design that will help it stand out. The beverage needs some reformulation however to make the beverage a little bit more potent as well as to rid the beverage of the salt aftertaste.

Note: This beverage contains High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Nutrition Facts In one can (16 fl. oz.):

  • 220 Calories
  • 140mg Sodium
  • 58g (19%) of Daily Carbohydrates
  • 58g Sugar
  • 120% of Daily B Vitamins
    • 40% Riboflavin (B2)
    • 20% Niacin (B3)
    • 20% Pantothenic Acid (B5)
    • 20% Vitamin B6
    • 20% Vitamin B12
  • 6% Daily Phosphorus intake
  • 142mg Caffeine
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • 295mg Guarana Seed Extract (Cleans out System)
  • 14mg Taurine (Amino Acid)
  • 12mg Panax Ginseng Root Extract (Cleans out System)


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